Thursday, October 5, 2017


If you’ve been following this humble page of mine for the past couple of months, you’d easily notice that I missed posting a To-Do list last month. Well... I actually didn’t miss it. I did make one but thought of keeping it to myself for last month and decided to just share with you how the month of September went via this monthly rundown post.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DAISO EYEBROW POWDER – First Impression Demo & Review

One of my makeup staples is a good eyebrow powder and since I bought my NYX eyebrow cake powder years ago, I haven’t invested again in another eyebrow powder. I mentioned it in this post how that particular eyebrow powder became the game changer for my brows. So now that I’m about to run out of my NYX brow powder, it’s time to either repurchase the same trusty product or buy a whole new different brow powder.

And this is where DAISO comes in. The best thing about DAISO, aside from the fact that every item costs S$2.00 only, their makeup products are mostly (if not all) dependable and some are even amazingly awesome! I’m still happily using the majority of the makeup products I bought from DAISO last year.

Going back to my eyebrow powder situation, I remember picking up an eyebrow powder from DAISO the last time I went shopping there but totally forgot about it until very recently that’s why I decided to film a First Impression Review on the said item.

After trying it out for the first time and wearing it on my brows for 7 hours, I’m very happy to tell you that it’s definitely a good buy! I had a decent eyebrow makeup for the entire time that I was testing it out even when I did not even set it with a brow mascara. The pigmentation is really okay and and very workable. The only thing I think I would do the next time I use it would be to wet my angled brush before dipping it into the powder to intensify the pigment and then set it with a brow mascara, but other than that, it’s really great!

If it’s your first time to try to an eyebrow powder and you’re not really comfortable spending your moolah on it, simply drop by at the nearest DAISO store and pick out one from there. *wink wink*

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

THE BODY SHOP TEA TREE FLAWLESS BB CREAM (O1) – First Impression Demo & Review

I tried The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream for the first time and decided, why not film a First Impression Review on it as well. 

According to The Body Shop’s website, this BB cream is intended to “perfect complexion and fight the look of blemishes.” I thought at first, “Great! Exactly what I need because I have acne-prone skin.” It even claims to give flawless coverage while tackling the appearance of blemishes. It also says on the website that its lightweight formula will give a shine-free complexion and that they offer 3 shades which blend seamlessly into all skin tones  for natural-looking coverage.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Oftentimes when I pray, I pray about the things that matter to me. I pray that God will help me with this and that. I pray for happiness, for healing, for good health, for safety and protection. I pray for a lot of things. And I think it’s just normal, right? I mean, don’t we all pray for these same things? Don’t you also pray for God to continue to bless you and the people you care about? If you ask me, I pray about these things a lot everyday. I pray for what I need and what I want.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I’m someone who doesn’t care for tags and labels so much. I don’t really care if the clothes or others stuff I own are branded or not. So long as they serve the purpose well, I’m good with that. And when it comes to bags/purses, my motto has always been “the bigger, the better” because I always bring a lot of stuff. Whether I bring a small or a big bag, it’d be always filled with stuff. I seriously don’t know why but I’m like that. I see space and I fill it in. LOL.

On this note, I’d like to share my latest video with y’all. I mentioned in the video that I don’t actually know what the bag is called. All I’m sure of is that we bought it from Victoria Secret and that I’ve never used it without filling it to its full capacity, hehe.

I’m normally not a nosy person but hey! What’s in your bag? *wink wink*