Sunday, December 29, 2013

Serenity Sunday: My Weekend Morning Routine! (29th December 2013)

Hi everyone! 

Today's Serenity Sunday will be a little bit different because 2013 is almost over and I thought that before it says"bye-bye" to us, I'd share with you what my weekend morning routine is like, 'coz you know... it might just... errr--change again next year (which is just a few days away..yay!), haha! ^_^

How about you? What do you do on a typical weekend morning? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Holidays, everyone!!! ^_^

    Psalm 107:1 (NIV)
    "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."

Friday, December 20, 2013


Hi everyone!

I planned to write an unboxing post today but I also needed to edit a video. I thought I'd be able to do both but NOooooo!!! (Natalie Tran style - if you catch my drift - harhar) Evidently, video-editing took over my life today. Sigh. 

On the bright side, I have a new video up on my beauty channel. Hooray! If you haven't seen my lovely home on YouTube, just clicky-tee-click here!

And without further ado, here's my latest video:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Haul: ColdWear, Payless ShoeSource and Nike (Pre-Korea Trip)

Hi everyone!

Remember I told you two months ago that we did travel to Korea and had an awesome 6D5N stay there? Well, before that wonderful trip, we did a little bit of shopping first because yours truly has almost zero tolerance to the cold weather. And since we don’t own clothing that would stand the cold weather in Korea, we decided to pay Changi City Point a visit just to shop. I actually blogged about that day here.

And yeah, this haul is now long overdue but so what?! I mean, I’m sorry, but could we just get on with the haul without you staring at me like I did something punishable by law? Puhleezzz? Errr… on to the haul, shall we?! (Widest grin ever!).

So we went to a lot of different shops that sell thick jackets and you know all those wintery stuff but after almost 2 hours of hopping from one stall to another, we ended going back to ColdWear coz that’s where we found not just what we needed but what we wanted (that are not so painful to the pockets *wink*). And here are the stuff we bought:

After the winter coats, we decided to pop in to some of the shoe stores there coz I needed to get me some boots for our trip and I also wanted to get me some running shoes (even though I don’t run…religiously – but you know *cough-cough* to motivate me!). After half an hour of trying out different shoes, I ended with these two pairs, both from Payless ShoeSource.

Hubby also bought a new pair for himself! We went to Nike and here’s what he picked.

And I guess that wraps up my haul for today. My posts for our Korea Trip are coming up real soon, so please stay tuned. Thanks for reading and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HAUL: Za-Cosmetics Products!

Hi everyone!

Last month, (Nov 1-4) there was a John Little Sale at White Sands Mall and I got myself a few items. Just a few. Heehee. And they’re all from Za-cosmetics because I really wanted, for so long, to try something from that brand. So let’s cut to the chase and let’s see what I have here:

The first in line is this “12 in 1! BB Cream” with SPF 50+ / PA+++. It is originally priced at 15.90 SGD but I got it for 10.18 SGD because they’re giving 20-40% discount at that time. And if you’ve been a follower for a while, you’d know how I easily get attracted to face makeup such as foundation, bb cream/cc cream, concealers and the like.

I’ve tried it a few times already and though I can’t say yet if I really like it, I know that I don’t hate it. Once I’ve made up my mind on whether I like it or not, I’ll write a review on it.

Next is this Perfect Fit Concealer in shade 01 which was originally retailed at 13.90 SGD, but I got for 8.90 SGD only. At that time, I actually didn’t know what shade I should get for myself. Good thing, the saleslady was very accommodating. She was not pushy at all, just plain courteous and helpful. Too bad, I didn’t get her name. And you know what? That’s what really attracts me more. If you’re a salesperson and you want to sell me something, don’t be too pushy. Give me some time to be curious enough to ask you before you give me all your unsolicited sales-talk, haha.

So, about this concealer: I like how creamy it is and how it can really cover up blemishes. I think what I don’t like so much about it is it dries up too fast. You might think, “How can that be a problem?” Well, there’s one time I forgot to blend it right after I put it on and when I did blend it, it wouldn’t budge anymore, hahaha. So I had to remove it and applied it all over again. Could you picture what I meant? If you couldn’t, never mind, hahaha.

The next two items are what I’ve read so many rave reviews on: The Za Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation (Refill and Case) which I got for 11.84 SGD and 6.34 SGD (originally sold at 18.50 SGD and 9.90 SGD respectively). Just the case alone is already a winner in my honest opinion! It looks so classy, don’t you think so?!

I’ve been using this for quite a while now and I lalalala-looooveee it! I can now relate to those who blogged about their love for this product because it is really amazing. Its coverage is dependable and it helps me keep the oil on my face at bay which is just totally splendid! Like seriously!

And last but not least, I purchased this Smooth Cleansing Oil because I’m about to run out of my BiorĂ© one. If you want me to write a review about the Biore Cleansing oil, just let me know in the comments below. I got this for 9.92 SGD after the 40% discount promo. 


I haven’t tried this, so I can’t say anything about it yet. All I know is that it's a cleansing oil which is supposed to help remove makeup even those water-proof ones. Do you want me to write a review on this? Just let me know, okay?


And that’s it! How about you, my dear readers? What’s your recent purchase? I’d love to know/see/read your latest haul, so leave me a link to your blog on the comment section below. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Serenity Sunday: Don’t Judge. (15th December 2013)

Good morning everyone!

As of typing this, I’m still having my breakfast and pondering on God’s message for me today. Then I thought, “why not share this wonderful message with you all today?” Alrightie! I’m currently in the book of Romans (chapter 2 to be exact) and it’s about God’s righteous judgment. The first verse in the chapter which I shared on my Instagram and other social media sites says, “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.” This is very crucial. It is of grave importance that we take heed of the message of this verse. It is an authoritative reminder that we have no right (“NO RIGHT”) to judge others.

As I sit here and stare at the view outside my window, my mind travels back in time. I go back to those memories where I carelessly passed judgment on other people without realizing that (1) I’m not perfect and (2) I might do all those things too. And sure enough, a few years later, I did “those” things too, (which I’m not gonna elaborate here in full details)

I remember judging others because of the decisions and actions they made only to find myself doing those same things a few years later. I kept judging others when I didn’t have the right on the first place and I only stopped when I found myself in the same situations they were into, repeating what they did (only in my own version). Did you see the point? My point is, sometimes, when we can’t seem to get God’s message and we repeatedly make the same mistakes, He lets us go through something so painful, something we would not forget, just so we’d understand what He’s trying to teach us. And sometimes, it is so simple. In this case, He simply wanted me to learn this: don’t judge others. That’s just what He’s been trying to teach me all those years and had I not fallen in the same pits as those people I was judging, I wouldn’t have learned that I don’t have the right to condemn other people of their sins. If God who is blameless and righteous has not condemned me for all my sins but rather accepted me with arms opened wide when I asked for forgiveness, who am I to not do the same to others who seek of my forgiveness and simply ask that I don’t judge them for what they did?

Today, let’s evaluate ourselves. How many times have we judged others? It’s not yet too late to change. Let us come to God and ask for His forgiveness for all the times we’ve condemned others for what we think are their wrongdoings. And let’s ask Him to mold our hearts into what He’s designed it for: TO LOVE unconditionally. Instead of passing judgment on others, let’s spread love and forgiveness, and together we can build a better world to live in.

A blessed Sunday everyone!


Romans 8:1-2 (NIV)
"Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death."

Saturday, December 14, 2013

MAKEUP TUTORIAL: A Simple & Easy Wearable Holiday Makeup Look | by: thelatebloomer11

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a simple and easy classic holiday makeup look that is totally wearable. This is in collaboration with Ms Honey Frances on YouTube. Here's the video and I hope you like it. :)


NYX eyeshadow base in white
TOO FACED Shadow Bon Bons
(cut the cake | hot cocoa | framboise | licorice latte | vanilla | cofee bean)
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner
NYX white eyeliner
AVON Clear Mascara
ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
Bobbi Brown Blush in Nectar 11
Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Old Hollywood 2
Za-cosmetics Two-way Foundation Powder



Etude House CC Cream (Silky) First Impression

MY WEEK IN OUTFITS - KOREA TRIP (Sep 26 - Oct 1 2013)

Haul: Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood and Holiday 2013 Collection Event | Gift Bag 

My First TAGALOG story here:



Happy Birthday Kuya Dadz!

Hi everyone!

Today is my brother's birthday. I think it's his 33rd birthday. I'm not so sure coz I lost count when he passed away. Yeah, he's gone. And I miss him. I miss him a lot...

You know what? He's supposed to play the piano on my wedding but he didn't even get to see it happen. I wonder how he is now. He's probably having such an awesome time with all the angels up there in heaven. He's probably playing the harp for the Lord right this very moment. WOW! It's the only instrument he didn't get to play when he's alive and he's always dreamed of playing it for Jesus. And today, I think he's living that dream! 

I'm so blessed to have been blessed a brother as gifted as him even though it's for just a short time only. I will never forget all the fun memories we shared together. I will never forget that he's the reason I finished college. I will never forget how he played the piano or the guitar while I sang. I will never forget how he carried me on his shoulders when we're young because it rained and I didn't want to get mud all over my feet. I will never forget how he got scolded by our parents for something I did. I will never forget him. I will never forget you, Kuya.

Happy birthday, Kuya. I love you and I miss you so damn much... :(

Monday, December 9, 2013

DEMO & REVIEW: Etude House CC Cream (#01 Silky)

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing Etude House CC Cream in the variant #01 Silky. If you have read my Korea Beauty/Makeup Haul, you’d know that I got this product in Korea when we went there in September. If you’re wondering where my blog posts about our Korea Trip are, heehee, sorry for the delay, but those will be up soon. How soon is my soon? Errr… Change topic? (*red face, shy grin*)

Anyway, I filmed a first impression video on this product where I did a demo on how I applied it and brought it to a road test to see how it will hold up and you know, all that jazz. If you wanna see it, here you go!

PRODUCT: Etude House CC Cream (#01 Silky)

PRICE: 14000 WON / USD $12.00 -15.00 / 798PHP

STORE: Here are some of the online stores I found:

It claims to hydrate, prime, conceal, treat and protect skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion inside and outside. It glides on easily with a silky smooth finish.  
It’s an 8 in 1 multi-function SPF 30/PA++ that promises to give:Anti-aging benefits | Stress Relief | Hydration | Whitening | Sun Protection | Tone-Up | Smooth | Texture | Luminosity
OVERALL RATING: 3 / 5 hearts


This is my first time to ever try a CC cream and though I was pretty disappointed with the coverage, I don’t really hate it. I feel like I just expected too much from it that’s why I got frustrated. I expected the same kind of results which other BB creams or other liquid foundations can deliver without bearing in mind that CC creams are probably formulated for a different purpose and simply work differently. They’re like a supplementary product to a skincare routine.

Alright! Before going miles and miles long with this post, let’s get down with some of the basics first like “what is a CC Cream” or “what CC stands for?” Well, CC in CC Cream, according to Wikipedia, stands for “color control” or “color correcting” and in Etude House, CC stands for “correct and care”. Now that I’ve laid that down, for me, it sounds like CC creams focus more on working with our skin complexion instead of covering or concealing what we feel are needed to be hidden from the naked eye. It sounds more like a makeup base or a face primer. By the way, this one from Etude House starts off white and adjusts to your skin tone as you blend it away. 

With that said, here are the list of PROS and CONS based on my observations while road-testing the product.

1.   What the product claims is true! It is indeed very easy to apply. It feels good on my skin. Very lightweight and it doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin.

2.   It brightens up my skin and I like that!

3.   I love the silky-matte finish that it gives my face. It is wonderful!

4. The design of the packaging is very user friendly. The pump seriously makes everything so much easier. It’s also sleek and very convenient to carry with you when you travel. 

 There’s just one important thing to note: the color of the packaging. Why? Well, it’s white and it has the tendency to be messy especially when you put it inside your makeup bag together with other makeup products. I’m speaking from experience. I brought it with me to Bali when my hubby and I went there in October because I planned to film my first impression video there but was not able to do so. I didn’t bring the box it came with, instead I put it inside my makeup bag and when I checked it, it got a little bit messy. So yeah. Haha.

5. The lasting power of this product is remarkable. In the video above, I had it on for over 5 hours without using a primer beforehand and without setting it with powder but it astonishingly lasted that long. Yes, I did get a little bit shiny but it was not like what I expected. I was thinking it will be an oily mess, but nope! So what more if I used a primer beneath it and set it with a powder or a setting spray!

6. There’s a slight perfume-ish scent to it but my nose doesn’t seem to care that much, so all is well.

1.   The coverage is a major let down. I say “major” because even though I was not supposed to expect great coverage from a CC cream, this one from Etude House claims to “conceal” but it obviously did not. If you watched my video above, you’ll see that even after applying the second layer, the coverage was still very sheer. It’s just highly unacceptable.

2.   Sadly, it accentuated the dry patches around my nose and chin area as well as some of my acne scars. Instead of concealing those blemishes, it even amplified them more. Argh! It’s really terrible.

My Recent Discovery!
I used this again last week combined with my Urban Decay Naked Foundation and wow! It seems to work better when combined with another foundation/bb cream. It also sort of helps the foundation to last longer than it normally would on its own. Although I cannot count on it when it comes to coverage, it seems like I can rely on it as a great face primer.

Will I finish this up?
Yes! I’m probably just gonna use it as a primer though until I finish it up. It will also function as a good sunblock for my face. Hmmm… Not bad.

Will I repurchase it?
I don’t think so, because even though it works as a great primer, it’s still a CC cream not a primer. You know what I mean? I mean I’d rather purchase a full coverage foundation or bb cream than buy something that claims to conceal when in truth it only acts as good as a primer. If you still don’t get me, just… just never mind. Hahaha.

Do I recommend this?
Like I said in the video, it’s a YES and NO. Yes, if you only suffer from dullness or maybe uneven skin tone. And NO, if you’re like me who suffers from several skin issues (argh!) like acne scars, dry patches and a little breakout here & there; and obviously need some decent coverage.


Readers, have you tried this CC Cream? Did you like it? Are there any other CC Creams that you would like to recommend? Leave them in the comments! :)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Serenity Sunday: Let LOVE Prevail! (8th December 2013)

Hi everyone!

It’s been a week since I last wrote something here. Wow! That’s pretty lazy of me. It’s not about not having something to write. In fact I have a lot in my list. It’s also not about not having enough time, because if there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s actually about not having an efficient time management. Argh! And lately, I’ve been pretty upset with myself because I can’t seem to meet any of my short-term goals. Sigh. Tell me, has anyone of you felt that way, too? Hmmm...

Anyway, today I just want to share with you something I learned. It’s very valuable. It’s about letting love prevail over anything else. Cheesy, huh? Hahaha. Okay! Have you had a day where you run into situations which seem to test your temper over and over again? And when you’re about to get angry already, you’d hear a soft whisper in your heart telling you to think again, to show restraint, to choose not to get mad and to let love prevail instead? WEIRD?

Well, let’s just say that God is really amazing. How He repeatedly accepts us after hurting Him over and over again is just totally beyond me, which brings me to what I mentioned earlier. Today, after getting annoyed so many times (hahaha), I ended choosing to love and refused letting the annoyance and frustration take over. It was not an easy thing to do, but  I just kept on thinking WJWD (What Jesus Would Do) if He’s in my place, and I was able to make it. Yay! But of course it’s gonna be an everyday mission. I might have succeeded today, but I need to keep on going until it becomes a habit just like breathing. Yey!

Readers, what valuable lesson have you learned today? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

Romans 12:21 (NIV)
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Proverbs 17:14  (NIV)
Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.