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Bellabox Singapore: JULY 2013 American Beauty

Wuzzap guys?! I'm back with another unveiling blog post because this bad boy just came to town!

Yep yep! Today I'm going to share with you what I got from my July Bellabox. Like I said in my previous post, I won't be doing unboxing videos anymore unless I feel the extra "need" to do so. I will just be unveiling the goodies thru a blog post instead. :)

TADAH!!!! (reminds me of minions hehe)
Let us now take a peek...

Before I opened the black wrapping paper, I thought this month's items won't be any good because I can't even feel any full-size product from just touching the wrapped goodies. But of course, I still went ahead and tore it open and to my surprise...!!!

This month's items are waaaayyyy better than the previous months! I mean, there's nothing in this box that I won't use. All these goodies inside really made me sooo giddy!

Rouse the freedom seeker in you with
beauty loots from the land of liberty.
Alright! let's not waste any time here. Let me now share with you each of the items I received. Let's start with this: 

50 ML / S$65
Do down-to-earth feminity with SAGE + fasten's signature scent, Common Sense. Prompted by the need to stay grounded and sane in today's world of madness, let this scent serve as a wake-up call to boost our inner Venus goddess. Flustered by too many things? Spiritz on this alluring concoction of florals (orchid and lotus flowers) and fruity goodness (mango, peach and lychee) and you're good to go!
My Initial Reaction: The packaging is really cute but for perfume samples, I'd appreciate it more if it's a rollerball perfume than a spray. When I smelled it, I caught a very strong scent of mango and lychee there. So it's true that it will deliver this kind of fruity smell but because I was never a fan of mango and lychee, I didn't fancy this scent so much. It's not totally a miss but definitely not a hit.

I'm really diggin' this picture! 
7.08 G / S$24
This Hot Mama is an all-in-one shadow, blush, and highlighter... a true multi-tasker! With a gorgeous peachy-golden glow in a convenient go-anywhere compact, you'll be saying goodbye to bulky makeup bags and hello Hot Mama!

My Initial Reaction: I have always been wanting to try anything from theBalm Cosmetics but every time I swing by at SASA, I seem to always forget to check it out. That is why, I got so excited when I saw this in my loot! MAN! I soooo want this! The color and finish of this beautiful and stunning shadow/blush is perfect for summer and is just lovely no matter when and how you use it! There could be endless ways to use this magical shadow right here!

50 ML / S$94
Available at noted retailers such as Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) and 10 Corso Como (Italy), Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask contains a high concentration of algae extract to revive that dry and tired look. Time to wake up to wrinkle-free, hydrated and nourished skin!
My Initial Reaction: The packaging is stunning! I love anything that comes in a classic black and white packaging. When I opened it, the first thing I noticed was its scent. It's very perfume-ish and so I thought I won't like it, but you know what? I gave it a try right there and then and I was so amazed by how lightweight it felt on my skin and how the scent didn't bother me at all. In fact I even found myself liking it. It's very easy to spread on my skin and it felt so nice. I first tried it at night and when I woke up the next day, I felt like my skin has really been hydrated and it felt very smooth and supple! I've been using it as a moisturizer for 2 1/2 days now and I can really say that this is a great product! I haven't tried to use it as a mask though but I surely will. 
2.6 ML / S$12
Give your lips the extra love it deserves! Not only does this 100% natural, paraben- and petroleum-free lip tint soothes, conditions and moisturizes your lips, it also adds a tinge of color for that additional boost to a set of gorgeous-looking lips.

My Initial Reaction:  Full-size product: YAY! I first heard about Yes To Carrots brand on YouTube but I've never really contemplated on researching about it. As you all know, I'm a lippy person so any lip product always excites me. When I saw this inside my box, I thought, "wow! yes to carrots lip tint!" It's like telling myself, it's about time to see for myself if those reviews about this brand are all true. 

So I tried it on right away and first thing I noticed was the minty feel and taste that it gave my lips. I thought that was fine. It did give my lips a hint of color and that's pretty nice! I really love lip tints because they're more lip friendly because they moisturize and hydrate my lips plus I don't have to worry about perfecting the application. So far, I'm loving this item! 
Express your artistic traits through what you wear in your hair - you're born to shine and stand out among the crowd! Broaden your creativity and have fun taking your pick between two eye-catching designs in a set

My Initial Reaction: These two hair clips brought me back to my younger years, hahaha. I remember wearing that same blue hair clip (only mine was black) when I first met my husband 8 years ago, LOL. I think these are pretty and so adorable. I love 'em!

But wait, there's more! I also got a gift. 
Lest we forget our roots, here's a little something lovingly created by bellabox just for you. In celebration of National Day next August, ignite the patriot in you - beauty style! - don on these Singapore flag - inspired nail stickers!
My Initial Reaction: This is perfect! I love its very patriotic theme and the fact that these are nail stickers. If there's anything I really suck at, that is doing my nails. I don't have a steady hand that's why I always get into trouble whenever I'm trying to paint my nails, which is why this gift is truly perfect for me! 

So, I guess that's pretty much it. I told yah! There's nothing in this box that I didn't like. Bellabox is really full of surprises. If you still haven't signed up with Bellabox, do it now!

To learn more about Bellabox, check these websites:


Friday, July 19, 2013

Too Faced LashGASM Mascara Demo & Review

Hey everyone!

When it comes to mascara, what I look for is its ability to lengthen my short lashes and give them volume. I also look into its long lasting power in holding the curls of my lashes. I’m never one who would go to Sephora just for a new tube of mascara so as you probably have guessed it already, my mascaras are all from the drugstore and from AVON because my mom is an AVON dealer. Also, I’ve heard so many other youtubers and beauty bloggers saying that drugstore mascaras are even way better than high-end mascaras, so why bother myself to try any department store/high-end brands when my drugstore mascaras work just fine! But my perception changed when I had the LashGASM experience!

PRODUCT: Too Faced LashGASM Mascara
PRICE: $21.00
LOCATION: ION Orchard. (Orchard Turn, 2. ION Orchard L1-05/06 238801)

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Every word is from Too Faced website:
The vitamin-rich, creamy formula penetrates for high-color absorbency and exaggerated length. Multiple rows of flexible yet firm, molded bristles are designed with micro-hooks that grab each and every lash for a gorgeous, clump-free application. 

Pigment-Rich Payoff: Vitamin-rich, creamy formula penetrates for high-color absorbency and exaggerated depth.
Lash Protection: Meadow foam Seed Oil forms a protective barrier to lock in soothing emollients that promote long term wear without drying or harming lashes.
Conditioning: A moisturizing combination of Panthenol, Vitamins A & E and Jojoba Seed Oil hydrates and soothes lashes to keep them soft, light and flexible.
JUDGMENT: I've never had such voluminous and long falsie-looking lashes before. All the claims they have about this product are true. I definitely can’t say enough good things about this mascara.



Last year (some time in December), I made a massive haul video where one of the products I featured was the Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Palette. This lovely palette which I have not used yet includes not only 12 gorgeous and striking eye shadows but also an eyelid primer and a mascara. When I ran out of my Maybelline mascara in mid-January of this year, I thought of trying out the said mascara from my Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Palette and was instantly amazed at how magically it curled my lashes – yes, it curled ‘em without me using an eyelash curler beforehand. Not only that, I love that it separated my lashes, lengthened ‘em dramatically and gave ‘em amazing volume without the unnecessary clumping. Where have you been all this time?!!

Now, I know that mascaras' shelf-life is three months only but I’m still using this mascara up to now and it hasn't dried up yet. The color payoff is really great and its long lasting power is incredible. Moreover, I noticed that unlike with my other mascaras, whenever I’m removing this at the end of the day, I don’t see any of my lashes falling out. It is simply remarkable.


I recommend this to anyone with short lashes but don’t like wearing falsies (like me), and to anyone who wants a mascara that’s dependable in separating the lashes without clumping and giving it the volume and length that it needs.  

Random Thoughts: I’m Happy!

*Another non-beauty related post, but I hope you don’t mind. I just really want to write about something that is very close to my heart.*

How does it feel when you’re able to do what you really want to do in life?

I didn't know how that feels until I met my husband. We met in 2005 back in our college days. Gosh! It’s been 8 long years… I can still remember the qualities I was looking for in a guy at that time and according to our common friend who’s the reason why we met; he didn't possess any of those traits, LOL.

Back then, I wanted a guy who can also dance because I was into a lot of dancing back in those years. I also wanted a guy who can sing and play instruments because I came from a musically inclined family and so I wanted someone whom I can jam with. I also wanted someone with a good sense of humor and secretly wished for someone who can write, so that one day he could write me a poem or who knows, probably a song.

Well, I met a lot of guys who passed 80-90% of my requirements. I clicked with some of them at first but something just didn't seem right as we went along. There’s a connection that was missing. Sure I had some serious relationships before my husband came along, but in any of those relationships I had in the past, I didn't find that special thing that I found with my husband – myself. It may sound all weird, but yes, I found myself in him.

Here’s what’s funny: He’s not a dancer but we always dance to a good tune and we always have a good laugh at it. He doesn’t play musical instruments but look at this:

My Man is a Musician! 
This picture alone can already make my day and mind you, he sings!!! He sings really well! His sense of humor is out of this world – or at least for me. He always cracks me up! And here’s the best part, he wrote me a poem before we even met face to face. HE IS A WRITER!!! #@%$&!!!

So why am I telling you all of these now? Hmmm... Well, probably because I’m at home right now, drinking my hot chocolate and simply doing the things that I've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time to before like writing a story, sketching something, making videos, singing a song, practicing a piece on the keyboards – and he just happened to be the reason I’m able to do all these stuff now! Why? ‘Coz he allows me to be myself and he shows me how genuinely happy he is to see that I’m finally doing what makes me happy. He’s unbelievable!

When I ask him if he’s happy, he asked me back the question. So I answered him with a big YES and he smiled back at me and said, he’s happy because I am. Man! What good have I done to the world to deserve him?

One thing is absolute right now and that is, I can never thank God enough for blessing me with such a loving and gorgeous husband! Thank you very much, Lord! <333

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random Thoughts At 29

My brother, rocking his red electric guitar (I forgot the brand)
I can’t avoid thinking how life could have been for my brother had he lived past the age of 27…

Two days ago, 11th July, I celebrated my 29th birthday with no other than my husband. It’s my 8th year celebrating my birthday with him. It wasn't like any other birthdays. No fancy food. No date outside. We just stayed at home and watched some movies, but it was fun. I really had a great time! The best part was when we played the keyboards and guitar, and just simply enjoyed each other’s company like we always do. 

My handsome husband
Still, it was just like a normal day but happier because of the thought that one more year has been successfully added to my life. I have to thank the Lord for that, which is also why I wonder how it could have been had my brother survived his kidney disease years ago. Maybe he already owns a music studio by now like he’s always wanted, and probably has kids and is basically happy with his life.

I can still remember how he played the piano. He didn't just play it with his bare hands. He played it with his heart. And don’t let me even start with his guitar-playing skills! Ah! He’s truly gifted. The level of dedication he had for his craft was irrefutably noteworthy. His passion for music is simply unmatched. Sigh. I miss him so much. I know that he’s now happy with the Lord but sometimes I can’t help thinking what life could have been for all of us, had we not lost him, our eldest sibling.

From Left to Right: My younger sister, My brother, ME
You know what? He is the reason I was able to go to college. He gave up a lot of things just to help with our family’s financial needs and to help me with my studies. And you know what kills me each time I think of him? The fact that his life was just supposed to start when I graduated from college but it was also the same time he was diagnosed with a kidney disease. He was about to get married the following year, but he died instead.

From Left to Right: My brother, ME, my younger sister.
Our family pic 20 something years ago! (I'm that old, hahaha)
It makes me miserable remembering how my brother’s life ended so soon, but the thought that he’s now happy and healthy with God comforts me. It’s sad that we couldn't spend time together anymore. It’s sad that he had to make those sacrifices for us, his family, only to die at such an early age…


Forgive me if this blog post is a little too sad for your appetite today. I’m just really missing my brother so much right now that I had to put it into writing…

Anyway, as of this typing, I’m looking at the view outside of my window. I’m looking at the gloomy sky. It seems like it’s going to rain. If only I don’t have a ton of things to do today, I would have still been lying in my bed, enjoying the comfort of my warm blanket, but I can’t be like that anymore. Things have got to change now. Now that I’m 29, I have to start acting like one.

Until my next post… Have a great day guys. 

This is ME nearly 10 years ago. Hahaha. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Have A Secret!

Photo taken by my lovely and charming hubby
Shhh... I have a secret!

Hmmm... alright! I'll tell you but let's keep it to ourselves, okay? *shy grin*

I'm turning 29 tomorrow (11th July, Thursday)!!! IKR!!! I'm an old lady already. :( But tell me, do I look 29 here?  

Anyway, I don't know yet what my hubby and I are going to do tomorrow but for sure I'm going to do the laundry first before anything else because the basket is already full, lol. 

And oh, another secret! Look at what my hubby bought me as a birthday present:

My New Baby!!!
Thanks Daddy for this amazing gift! <333
I can't wait to play with this baby foREAL! I have dabbled on it right after we've set it up but that's it. I really haven't sat down and seriously played some good music with it. I will in just a few days. Just thinking about it already gives me shivers of excitement, yay!!!

As an end note: I wish that all of you are having such a fabulous day today and tomorrow because I'm not sure when I'll be back here to update, (what's new, becca?) lol. Stay safe and blessed, everyone! And always smile because you are all beautiful. <3

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Husband Tag!

Hey everyone!

How many of you are married or in a relationship right now? I'm inviting you to do this TAG! To say that it is a super fun and hilarious tag is an understatement. My hubby and I had a great time filming this. I'm just not sure how a blog version of this tag would go, but if you do, please do this and share me with me the link to your blog!


1. Where did we meet?
2. What was our first date?
3. Where was our first kiss and how was it?
4. Did you know that I was the one?
5. First impression?
6. When did you meet the family?
7. Do we have a tradition?
8. What was our first roadtrip?
9. Who said I love you first and where were we?
10. What do we argue about the most?
11. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
12. If I'm sitting in front of the TV what am I watching?
13. What dressing do I get on my salad?
14. What's the one food that I don't like?
15. We go out to eat what do I get to drink?


16. What size of shoe do I wear?
17. If I collected anything what would it be?
18. What is my favourite type of sandwich?
19. What would I eat everyday if I could?
20. What is my favourite cereal?
21. What is my favourite music?
22. What is my favourite sports team?
23. What is my eye color?
24. Who is my best friend?
25. What is something that you do that I wish you didn't?
26. What is my heritage and where am I from?
27. You bake me a cake for my birthday, what kind do you make?
28. Did I play any sports?
29. What could I spend hours doing?
30. What is one unique talent that I have?

2nd and Still Counting!

Up to this very moment, that day when I first saw my husband face to face is still fresh in my mind. I can still remember the very first word that came out of his mouth: “Hi.”

Who would have guessed that from a very meek introduction, an amazing link would be born and would even surpass all the ins and outs of relationships?

this is the cover of our wedding photo album
photos and videos were taken by no other than Digital Picman
photo grabbed from:

7 years and 8 months later, here we are now; a happily married couple who just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on the 16th of June.

Wait a minute!!! Did I say June? Ooops!

Oh Yeah, this entry should have been posted last month, but what can I do? I was overwhelmed by the fact that my husband is overly awesome that I forgot to do a lot of things last month. LOL

So how did we celebrate this special occasion? Well, unlike last year, we didn't travel to a beautiful resort to celebrate it. 

Unfortunately, he had to work on that specific date while I had a gig (I did the makeup of these wonderful girls here). So, I decided to surprise him with this gigantic DIY card when he comes home from work a night before our exact anniv date.

As expected, he’s not that surprised because he knew that I’d surely do something like this for him, LOL. But it made him smile and I knew that he’s happy.

On 16th of June, he went to work and I went to my gig. After his long day at work, he fetched me from our friends’ house and gave me this:

I also was not that surprised because I knew that he’d buy me something, hahaha, but it definitely made me so happy. We didn’t do anything extraordinary that night. We just went home, ate dinner and slept happily together because he still had work the next day.

But you know what? Despite the lack of “extra-something-ness” on our wedding anniv, I still smile every time I think about it. It’s the thought that we’re still madly in love with each other that makes me so damn happy despite the absence of grandiose celebration and extravagant gifts. 

How about you? What makes you happy? <3