Monday, September 30, 2013


Hello everyone! 

Firstly, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting for this post. Secondly, I’d like to let you all know that I’m having a blast here in Korea! Wuhoo! Yep, I’m still in Korea, in Seoul to be exact, but we're leaving tomorrow (insert sad face here), which means I'd be blogging about my 6D5N stay in Korea in a couple days. Yay! In the meantime, here's my September Glamabox unveiling post. :)

I got this package from Glamabox in the third week of this month but I was overwhelmed by the amount of tasks that I needed to finish before our Korea trip that I failed to post an unboxing for this sooner, but as you probably already know, I’m not called a late bloomer for nothing. And as cliché as this may sound, I’d still say that it’s better late than never.


How can you throw a box as artistically made as this? Gosh!

So let’s cut to the chase and proceed with the unveiling!

ést.lab SunShield SPF 50 5ml
Retail Price: S$72 (30ml)
The ést.lab SunShield SPF 50 utilizes SmartVector ® UV technology, an intelligent solar protection system using UV sensitive marine DNA micro capsules that ensures that UV blockers are only released to the skin upon UV exposure. It is also infused with Vitamins C & E to provide moisturizing and anti-ageing benefits. ést.lab SPF 50 is also a tinted sunscreen that can be used as a moisturizing tinted make-up base to conceal blemishes and provide sheer coverage.
My Initial Reaction: I’m not familiar with this brand but seeing that this sunblock has SPF 50 and other skin friendly vitamins like C and E is enough to make me overjoyed for receiving it. I haven’t really used it yet. I’ll update this once I have tried and compared it with the other sunscreens I have used (and/or am currently using).

JaneClare HA Hydrating serum 2mlx3pcs
Retail Price: S$59 (15ml)
HA Hydrating serum is a highly concentrated serum combined with Hyaluronic acid, herbs (including Aloe vera and Cactus extracts), and Vitamins to provide skin moisture and to tighten and tone instantly. The resulting skin complexion looks younger, brighter and more radiant.
My Initial Reaction: They say that there are serums for almost everything and that if we want our other skincare products to be fully absorbed by our skin, we should incorporate the use of serums in our daily skincare routine. I can’t attest to it yet but I’m glad to have received this serum sample. They sent me three baby sachets and I can’t wait to use it.

Blueberry Revital Firming Mask 1pc
Retail Price: S$62 (3pcs/box)
Blueberry Revital Firming Mask with the freshest organic blueberries and bio-cellulose mask, turns the clock back for free radical-damaged and aging skin. Every single mask contains high-antioxidant essence which improves the skin's resilience and firmness. The bio-cellulose mask covers the entire face and eyes firmly, and helps the active ingredients run deeply into the skin.

My Initial Reaction: I’m a big believer of the power of masks but I also belong to the group of people who frequently say, “I have no time for masks”. Sadly, I’ve been having some trouble with my sched lately that pampering my skin with a facial mask is becoming a dreaded chore than a skin treat. Once I’ve figured out what to do and how to best manage my time, I surely will use this mask and will provide you all with a review (on express).

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo 3ml×2pcs + Effaclar Gel Moussant 15ml
Retail Price: S$34 (125ml) + S$42 (40ml)

 Effaclar Duo can gently purify the skin. It eliminates impurities and excess sebum while leaving the skin clean and fresh with soothing, anti-irritant La Roche-Posay thermal spring water.
My Initial Reaction: I honestly can’t remember how I initially reacted when I saw this. I mean, I recall being pretty ecstatic upon seeing wonderful skincare sample products in my loot but I can’t remember feeling anything specific towards this one, but I brought this with me, too. I just haven’t used it as I brought quite a bunch of sample products in this trip.

Effaclar Gel Moussant combines 4 active ingredients to act on the two main symptoms of skin with imperfections: Niacinamide and Piroctone Olamine to fight against bacterial proliferation and eliminate imperfections. LHA and Linoleic Acid unclogs pores while eliminating the accumulated dead cells. These active ingredients are combined with soothing, anti-irritant La Roche-Posay thermal spring water to reduce redness.

My Initial Reaction: I can’t be happier that I got this box in time for my trip here to Korea. It’s such an ease to bring travel-sized products when you’re going out for a long trip, which is why I instantly became so giddy when I found this baby in this month’s box. 

Review Express: In this trip, I decided to bring this together with the other sample products I received from Glamabox last month and some from Bellabox, too. I’ve used this cleanser for 3 consecutive days and it worked like a dream! It’s a clear gel, kinda remind me of my Cetaphil facial cleanser. The BIG difference is, my Cetaphil doesn’t lather up and transform into a rich and milky foam while this one from La Roche-Posay does! It smells great, too! Feminine but not too strong. It’s very gentle on my skin but I can feel that every time I work it onto my face, it does its job really well. Not only does it cleanse my face of all the gunk, it also unclogs my pores! After every wash, what I have is a baby-smooth skin that feels so fresh! If a skincare product won’t work for me, I’d know it immediately after two trials, and I can say that this face wash has done nothing but great things for my skin (face). It neither broken me out nor made my skin itchy or irritated afterwards. This is an awesome product in my opinion, and had the price of the full-sized version been friendlier to my pocket, I surely would repurchase this baby!

Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Essence 1.5ml 
Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin Cream 1.5ml
Gongjinhyang In Yang Lotion 1ml
Retail Price: S$218 (45ml) + S$116 (75ml) + S$116 (110ml)

Qi & Jin Essence is a highly concentrated herbal serum for a more crystalline, vital and luminous skin tone. The finest herbal essences from Gongjinbidan offer a luxurious and silky smooth feel.

Qi & Jin Cream is a product of traditional beauty care tenchinques o the royal family. In addiction to improved firmness through Gongjinbidan maximizes the skin’s radiance.
In Yang Lotion is an herbal nutrition emulsion that stimulates the skin’s viability. It improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture and adds radiance to the skin.

My Initial Reaction: Ever since I saw their special box called the The history of Whoo Seol Whitening Box, I’ve always thought of how nice it would be to be able to try those samples. When I received this month’s box from Glamabox and opened it to see the surprises that awaited me, I really got overjoyed. However, when I got to look at it closely I kinda worried because I’m not sure how I’d be able to test it really well given its size (1.5ml). Oh well…

SFERANGS Repairing Eye Balm 5ml x 2pcs
Retail Price: S$95 (30ml)
SFERANGS is a Korean medical-grade cosmetic brand. This eye balm is a nutrition cream for dull and wrinkled edge of eye. It contains filtered material of snail mucus, acacia collagen and ale extract. It takes special care of sensitive and fragile wrinkle on the edge of ye, dark circle and dryness.

My Initial Reaction: This sample is like especially made for my Korea trip! I mean c’mon! A Korean travel-sized eye cream? How can it get any better than that!

Review Express: This stuff is amazing! The moment it touches the skin under my eyes, I feel instant cooling effect and when I start patting and blending it away gently with my ring finger, the skin around my eyes is like drinking water. The hydration it gives my undereye areas is unexpectedly incredible. It soothes and hydrates. And its packaging makes me love it even more. It’s more hygienic to use as compared to my other eye creams (yes, plural coz I have three other eye creams which I use sparingly). Now, if I’m going to repurchase it is a story that I haven’t written yet but if I were to draft its plot right here right now, I’d simply say that its cost would be the only antagonist.  

Overall, I’m happy with my September Glamabox; from its exceptionally lovely and highly artistic box’s design to its absolutely exquisite and splendid contents. This is just my second time to receive their box and I can already say that I’ve fallen in love with their concept, the way they select products to send and the samples itself. There’s just one thing I noticed – the contents of my box didn't exactly match the contents of the September box shown on their website. It’s not an issue though because I love the samples I got. I just wanted to mention it just in case anyone of you happened to see what's on the website and got confused why my box shows a slightly different set of items, but other than that, I think a big thank you to Glamabox for this marvelous box is in order. 

Disclaimer: I was sent this box for free but I don’t get paid to review it nor have obligations to give positive feedback.  All my opinions in this article are based on my personal experiences and honest judgment of the product/s tested and reviewed.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bellabox Singapore: SEPTEMBER 2013 Pink Me Up!

Hi everyone!

As of this typing, I’m already here in our hotel room in Korea! We arrived at Incheon Airport (Korea International Airport) at around 8 this morning and reached our hotel around noontime, but I’m not writing now about our Korea trip. This post is about my September Bellabox!

I’m excited to share with you the samples I got from my Pink Me Up! box. Why? Well, not only did I get wonderful and fab items, I also got a bonus eye mask and I receive a total of 8 fantabulous deluxe samples. Yes, 8!!! I seriously can't contain my happiness. One more thing, this box and its amazing contents arrived just in time for my Korea Trip. Double Yay!

I'm a true believer of the power of samples. Not only do samples help me save a lot of space in my luggage whenever I’m travelling, samples also help me discover new products to love. Product samples are always a life saver. So without further ado, let's start with the unboxing!

LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Facial Exfoliating Scrub
S$59.00 / 100ml
No more going for facials just for the micro-dermabrasion machine! La Clinica’s Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Facia Exfoliating Scrub is your superb home skincare remedy for a smoother and softer skin. Scrub your grub away to make way for a brighter and radiant complexion!
My Reaction: I went ecstatic at the sight of this sample! Why? Well, I was actually having a hard time deciding if I’d be bringing my (full-size) Origins Modern Friction dermabrasion with me to this 6-day vacation trip (Korea) and just when I thought I got no choice but bring it, I opened my Pink Me Up box and voila! Bellabox sent me a deluxe sample of LA CLINICA Micro Dermabrasion Facial Exfoliating Scrub. I can’t be happier when I saw this in my loot, and so there it went to my luggage. I haven’t used it but I plan to write a review about it after using it for maybe a good two weeks.

Recoliv Beauty Collagen
Drink your way to youth! An all-natural product, recoliv’s Beauty Collagen comes in a unique blend of German collagen, French olive & red grape extract. Pleasant in taste and conveniently packed, it is enhanced with potent antioxidants that will improve your skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles.
My Reaction: Since I got hooked to teas (check out my rave review on Twinnings Tea), I easily get attracted to health drinks. This is the first time I heard of Recoliv. I know absolutely nothing about it before I saw it in my box, but I didn’t think twice in putting it in my bag – I brought two sachets with me here (Korea) because we’ll be here for 6 days, so might as well bring some health drinks with me. Oh yeah! 

Sugar and Butter Lip Polish in Vanilla Latte
S$20.00 / 20 ml
Blended with shea butter and coconut oil, up your gorgeous and flawless rouge game using this lip polish. With a name and ingredient list that is almost too sweet to miss as a dessert, exfoliate and wipe away to unveil a set of yummy-looking sugar lips!
My Reaction: I was overjoyed when I saw this! I’m used to my homemade lip scrub (sugar and honey or sugar and olive oil), but you know sometimes it’s nice to treat my lips to some branded lip scrubs and butters once in a while. I’ve been meaning to get one from LUSH for the longest time but the price just always gets me to think twice. Anyway, I’m in total bliss right now because of this sample which I also brought with me here in Korea. Yay!

Wish Formula JJOYY Bubble Peeling Pad
S$6.50 / 1 pack
Created with an easy-to-hold handle, this patent obtained peeling pad contains natural AHA and extracts that helps to eliminate dead skin cells and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a much healthier and luminous radiance exfoliating made easy!
My Reaction: Mask, mask, mask. I really want to treat my skin to a mask right now but I feel so tired already for the day. I might just do it tomorrow before sleeping. Yep tomorrow, coz I also brought this peeling pad with me here. Hahaha. I told yah, product samples are my go-to products whenever I’m traveling. 

The Balm Cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter / Shadow / Shimmer
S$29 / 8.5g
Boys best beware – Mary-Lou Manizer is on the loose! The seemingly innocent honey-hued highlighter/shadow adds a sey sheen to your finest features. Get glowing with this subtle light diffusing shimmer.
My Reaction: Love, love, love, love this!!! It’s like my “stila kitten” but better because it’s not as messy to use as my stila kitten. And lately, I’m slowly getting obsessed to individual eyeshadows like this because I can easily bring it with me whenever I’m going out on a date or a vacation trip. I actually have it on my eyes tonight but I’m too lethargic to snap a quick FOTN photo, sorry. 

INDIO Cosmeceutical Renew Cream
S$119.50 / 50ml
Allow your skin to be reborn again with this skin renewal formula. Suitable for all skin types including problem skin and dullness or redness, this anti-aging cream is designed to soften, gently exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. Due to the presence of fruit acids, a slight tingling may be felt during initial applications.
My Reaction: I also brought this baby with me because I don’t have any travel size moisturizer but I don’t have any thoughts about this just yet. 

I Coloniali Seductive Elixir Shower & Body Range
Body Milk: 200ml / S$22
Seduce and leave no trace with this enticing Shower & Body range! Envisage silky smooth skin infused with an exquisite and tantalizing scent – I Coloniali’s Seductive Elixir Shower & Body Range is bound to crown you as the queen of allure!
My Reaction: I have nothing to say about this yet but I brought this sample with me too just in case the hotel fails to provide us any bath & body products. Good thing, they didn’t.

Bonus: Dr Morita Eye Mask
As Tyra Banks put it, “Smile with your eyes!” But not with that pair of dull and tired looking eyes! Whatever your eye worries, your removal of dark circle/firming/red wine/wrinkle lifting eye mask will revive your dazzling gaze.
My Reaction: I’m all for anything that is good to my eyes! I don’t know why, how and when it all started but I just woke up one day, suddenly so obsessed with taking care of my eyes and the areas around it – probably the reason why I’m never without an eye cream lately. And this eye mask is an excellent addition to my eye-care essentials.

That's it for now, lovelies! I need to go get some rest. Watch out for my September Glamabox Unboxing post.  <3 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Very Long Overdue Drugstore Haul: Watsons and Guardian

Hi everyone!

Have you ever been into a situation where you plan to do a certain task but you kept dragging it for the next day until the next thing you know a month or two have gone by and you still haven’t done that certain task? Well, that’s just what happened to me. This haul should have been posted three months ago but for some reason, I managed to drag it up to this date – my bad, I know, I’m sorry. :(

I purchased these on different occasions back in June and thought of making a haul video but never really got around doing it. So I thought of just blogging about it, but every time I'd be sitting down in front of my laptop, I'd always end up doing something else. Sigh. 

Moving on to the haul; please forgive me for the crappy photos. I took them with my iPhone without the proper lighting because as I remember it, I was in a hurry that day. Alright, enough of the excuses! Without further ado, here are the stuffs I got from Watsons and Guardian.

To start off, here are the TRESemé products which I purchased from Guardian. At first sight of these, I went jolly-gallopy because I didn't know that TRESemé is already in Singapore. I was like, "since when?!!!" I'm such a late bloomer, I know!

TRESemé FRESHSTART Dry Shampoo (161 G / 13.90 SGD)

Without thinking twice, I treated myself to two TRESemé products because I've been dying to try them since I've learned to watch beauty videos on YouTube. So I picked up this dry shampoo which I now use on my scalp on days where I don't wash my hair. See my hair care routine here. And oh, this stuff smells great!

TRESemé Heat Tamer Protective Spray (300 ML / 15.10 SGD)

As for this heat tamer protective spray. I use it at the ends of my hair when I want to blow dry or curl my hair with a straightener, which I very rarely do. But you know, it's always nice to have this baby handy. 

Silky Girl Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (55 ML / 2.00 SGD)

Then I got myself this eye makeup remover from Silky Girl. I think this is my third bottle of this. I like it because it's very gentle on my eye area and it works effectively in washing away my eye makeup even water-proof mascara. And take note, this amazing makeup remover is only S$2! I mean c'mon! Can it get any better than that?!

On another occasion, I went to Watsons and picked up these items:

Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer (14.90 SGD)

I was in serious need for a concealer at that time and I was planning to buy a photoready one from Revlon but unfortunately both Guardian and Watsons no longer had stock of my shade at that time which is why I went with this concealer from Maybelline. I don't really like it. I've used it for months and it's just not working for me. It doesn't cover well in my opinion and I don't like the texture when it sets, but I'm not tossing this one just yet. It's not great but I can still use it. 

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes (2 packs of 25sheets / 19.50 SGD)
I'm a wipes girl and because there was a sale going on for these wipes, I bagged them. I got these two packs of wipes for only $19.50, a savings of S$9.30! I've finished one pack already and I'm halfway through the second one. A review on these wipes is coming up real soon! 

Revlon PhotoReady in Metropolitan (19.92 SGD)
Then I got this eyeshadow quad + primer for $19.92 because there was a 20% off of Revlon products at that time. I got it because I like the colors and the pigmentation. I am yet to film a makeup tutorial using this. Again, sorry for the very crappy photo. If I end up making a review on this palette, I surely will take better photos of it. 

Lastly, (again) on a different day, I went to Guardian and picked this Garnier BB roll-on. It serves as a concealer and brightener in one. I love this stuff! I've been using this since I got it in June. I just really like how it brightens up my under-eyes and it's very soothing. I enjoy applying it because I like the feeling when the roller ball touches the skin under my eyes. It's very cooling and calming. Not only does it brighten up that area, it also sort of diminishes the puffiness a little bit which is just amazeballs!

Garnier BB Eye Roll-on (15 ML / 18.30 SGD)
As for this baby right here, ah! These two have recently made it to my must-have list. I'm a strong believer of Benefit the Porefessional but I'm also a practical person. Why would I still purchase a S$48 primer when I can easily get this Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser for only $15.92 at any Guardian branches?! It is definitely a dupe for Benefit the Porefessional. 

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser (22 ML / 15.92 SGD)
This has been a part of my foundation routine for more than 2 months now. I don't need a lot of it to cover my problem areas. As cliché as this may sound, but a little really goes a long way. 

To my beloved readers, what's your latest drugstore purchase? I'd love to know! :)

REVIEW: Wotnot Facial Wipes

Hi everyone!

Today I’ll share with you my thoughts about this Wotnot Facial Wipes that I got through my August Bellabox. Without further ado, here is my review:

PRODUCT: Wotnot Facial Wipes
PRICE: S$9.30
LOCATION:  Bellabox E-shop

No more greasy and yucky skin after a long day out in this humid weather! With Wotnot’s Facial Wipes, its 100% soft natural fiber wipes in a convenient pack will make sure that you stay radiant all day long! It contains all-natural ingredients such as aloe, rosehip oil and Vitamin E that is ideal even for the most sensitive skin.
JUDGMENT: I have oily/combo skin type that is acne-prone and sensitive at the same time, but this wipes didn’t break me out. It’s tough on makeup but gentle on my skin. I love it!

OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 hearts

Like I said, I got this through my August Bellabox, so if you haven’t read that post yet, just click here. Last month’s box, by the way, is the bomb in my opinion. I didn’t find anything that I wouldn’t use or that I’d throw away, especially not this facial wipes from Wotnot.

Whenever I’m shopping for facial wipes, I always make sure that what I’d pick would not only be effective in removing makeup, but would also be gentle on my skin. I also always opt for the fragrance-free one. Imagine how happy I was when I first tried these wipes. It’s unscented! Hoorah! Also, this is my first time to use an all-natural wipes. I initially thought that because it’s so gentle it might not cleanse my face thoroughly, but I was completely wrong. It’s soft and luscious and it does the job wonderfully. Cleansing my makeup off with this remover wipes has been a pleasure.

What makes these wipes effective, gentle and hydrating, you may ask? Well, the Australian Certified Organic aloe vera, rosehip and sweet almond oils that it contains are to blame. Organic aloe vera is known worldwide for its many uses which include its ability to re-hydrate even the most sensitive skin. Same goes with almond oil which is an effective emollient and aids the skin in balancing water loss and restoring back moisture to the skin. Furthermore, the cloth Wotnot used is 100% free of synthetic materials making it feel soft on our skin and highly indulging on our face. This wonder wipes do not contain chlorine, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, caustics, glycols and artificial fragrances. Sometimes it pays off to know not only what ingredient is in our products, but also what’s not (hence wotnot, get it?! haha) in it.

There’s just one thing I noticed when I was using this to remove my makeup. Although it claims to effectively remove even water-proof mascara, I find that I needed to swipe more than I used to with my other cleansing wipes. With that said, I like that it doesn't hurt my eyes while I’m removing my eye-makeup with it. I guess I can’t have all, eh?

YES. Not only does it do the job well, it is also very gentle on the skin which makes it 100% okay to use by anyone regardless of age.

TO EVERYONE! You gotta try these wipes. It’s amazing!


To my awesome readers, what all-natural makeup wipes have you tried? Please share it with me on the comments below and let me know what you love about it. Don’t forget to leave me a link to your blog coz I’d love to visit you back. <3

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Busy Saturday

Hi everyone!

How was your Saturday? Mine's a little bit busy. It all started with the laundry coz it's Saturday, surprise surprise! 

 Then I made us some French toast for breakfast. 

By the time I finished hanging all the clothes, it's already time for lunch, but I didn't bother prepping for it coz we've made plans to go out to do a little bit of shopping for our upcoming Korea getaway. 

It's our first time at Changi City Point and exploring it was really fun yet very tiring. I also like the interior design of this mall, too bad I forgot to take some photos. 

We decided to have a light lunch at the food court and here's our view.

After almost three hours of roaming around, browsing and deciding which stall has the better version of what we need, we ended taking home these 5 plastic bags of goodies. Stay tuned for an upcoming haul.

It's almost 9pm when we arrived home. We didn't eat dinner coz we didn't really feel like eating. We were more of exhausted than hungry.

Before retiring to my bed, I first collected all our clothes from where I hung them outside, cleansed my face of makeup, did my nightly skincare routine and watched The Voice of the Philippines on TFC channel. 

photo credits to SOURCE

To my dear readers, what made you busy yesterday? If you also blogged about it, make sure to leave me the link to your blogpost. ^_^