Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hi everyone! Today I’d like to share with you a quick video I filmed and edited showing 4 quick and easy eyebrow routines that I do depending on my mood.


In most of these routines, I only use one product, which I believe would be very beneficial to many of us who are always in a hurry and just want to get things over with.


Brow Product: BYS BROW GEL
Shade: Bold Brunette
Price: PHP 399.00
Purchased from: SM Department Store

Despite its shade being a little brownish for my brows, it blends nicely and ends up looking good once it has set. I normally don’t use anything else after I applied this on my brows. I also appreciate how travel-friendly its packaging is and how a little amount goes a long way. Its built-in brush is also functional and very easy to use for shaping and filling in my brows. 

Price: PHP 390.00
Purchased from: SM Department Store

Out of all the products I used and showed in the video, this is my first love. When I started to get really serious with my brow game, this is the first product that really helped me. It’s easy to use and I didn’t have any problems matching its shade to my brows because it’s just black, the same with the color of my hair and brows. On some days, I don’t use the wax but when I want my brows be on fleek, I make sure to not skip that part. 

Price: PHP 60.00
Purchased from: SM Department Store (also available at Watson’s)

This is a recent discovery for me. Even though I’ve heard and read a lot of good things about Nichido pencils, it’s only this year that I got to try one of them and seriously I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner. Unlike other eyebrow pencils I’ve tried before, this one is creamy making it very easy to blend. The brush on its cap is also very helpful in spreading out the product onto my brows. And because it is very pigmented, a little also goes a loooooong way. One of the best things about this product is its price. It retails for only PHP 60.00!!!

Shade: BLACK
Price: PHP 88.00 / SGD 2.00
Purchased from: DAISO Singapore

This last product is a new found love. If you watched my DAISO Full Face Impression Review, that’s where I first showed this eyebrow pencil. With its very cute pencil tip, I can easily shape my brows and fill them in making them look natural but fuller. I just set it using a clear mascara but sometimes I don’t even bother. It’s also very slim making it very easy to toss inside my makeup bag. Very travel-friendly! I’m honestly going to buy this over and over and over again once I run out of it.
And there you have it: My 4 quick and easy eyebrow routines! I hope you found this helpful and if you did, don’t forget to share this post because sharing is caring! c",)

What is your eyebrow routine and what’s one eyebrow product you cannot live without? Let me know in the comment section and until next time!

Monday, December 26, 2016


One of the best things I love about my husband’s work is his schedule. Even though he has to work for long hours, his rest days really make up for it. He has a 12-hour, 3-2-2-3 (3days Work – 2days Off – 2days Work – 3days Off) work schedule which gives us lots of time to hang out and sometimes even unwind thru short trips/travels and/or staycations without him having to file/request for a vacation leave. Okay, relax! Of course this post is not about my husband’s job. I’m simply giving you a background because several weeks ago (19-21 Nov), my husband and I decided to go for another STAYCATION during his 3days OFF (for real, his schedule is to die for!) and we agreed to have it at Village Hotel Changi.

It was a stressful week at work for my husband when he suggested that we take another breather. We actually just spent the first week of November in Krabi Thailand for his post-birthday celebration and we really had a blast, but just after a week of being back at work, the stress was starting to drain him of his life again that we decided it’s time for another staycation. He’s always the one to immediately look for great deals online and good thing; there was an ongoing promotion for Village Hotel Changi at that time. If I’m not mistaken, there was a 30% Year End discount at the time of our booking plus another 5% discount if you sign up for their mailing list. Not bad, right? And so we did sign up and book a 3D2N stay at Village Hotel Changi.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Hi! It’s me, Becca. I know it’s been a while since I post something for Serenity Sunday and probably no one knows or remembers me or this series anymore, but that’s alright! Because this post is not about me. This post is about the reason I’m thankful for this day. This post is about the amazing love of our Father in heaven who didn’t think twice to send here on earth His only begotten Son to be born as a man and live like a normal human being only to suffer an excruciatingly painful death in the end just so you and I could live and one day enjoy eternal life with God in heaven.

Yes, this is about JESUS CHRIST, our Lord and Savior and the reason why we have Christmas and why there could be NO reason for us not to be thankful every day. You see, even if we’re experiencing troubles and hardships, the thought of JESUS should be enough to put a smile on our face and for us to take a moment to thank the Lord for what a wonderful day He’s made and allowed us to experience today. Whether we accept this truth or not, we really don’t need any material things to be happy today. What we truly need is a moment of silence and peace, a moment to realize that “Hey! I’m still breathing! I’m alive! I live today because Someone once died for my sins so I could have life today.”  

Okay, you may think that you don’t even have a good life to be thankful for to begin with. Or you may be at a crossroads right now trying to decide which way to go and what to do with your life. But hear this, “Do not give up.” I say this not just to you but to myself as well. Even Jesus Christ who lived a righteous life here on earth went through trials and hardships, so let us not give up just yet. Jesus already showed us how to live life even when it’s not good. Jesus didn’t deserve to be humiliated and ridiculed by the very people He came to earth for to save and yet He went through all of it. Talk about hardships, Jesus didn’t even deserve to die on the cross of Calvary but He did it. It’s not a reason we’re human because He, too, was human when He did all that. The thing is: HE DIDN’T GIVE UP.  He didn’t give up because He knew His purpose in life. He didn’t give up because He knew that our Father in heaven was there for Him. Yes, these are just words. Yes, it's so easy to not give up when you know a good fortune awaits you down the road. But hey! Jesus went through with life showing others the love and power of God knowing that at the end of his journey as a human being, he will die a death he didn’t even deserve. So if you say that LIFE IS NOT FAIR for you, talk to Jesus about it because He certainly knows what you mean by that. You know what? Despite life being unfair, Jesus still didn’t give up. He didn’t give up for us and He surely is NOT GIVING UP ON US RIGHT NOW. 

So, whatever it is you’re going through right now that’s keeping you from being happy and thankful for this day, have faith that you’re going to get through it. We just need to do the first step: TRUST IN GOD. Let us learn to trust in God and give up our burdens to Him. It’s true that there are some loads that are too heavy for us to carry, but that’s why we have a merciful Father in Heaven who’s always ready to give us a helping hand if we’d only let Him. For once, let us give him the control of the wheel of our lives and let us take this moment to simply be thankful for today.

Merry Christmas everyone! I sincerely hope and pray that we all continue to experience our Lord’s love, grace and mercy every single day of our lives.

Friday, September 23, 2016

[PRODUCT REVIEW] POND’S Acne Clear White Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub

Hello there! If you're new to this side of the interweb, welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog! 

In one of my previous posts (Is My Long Hiatus Over?), I mentioned that I recently visited my hometown and while I was there, my face, as usual, decided to torture me again with its tantrums. This means the facial wash I brought along with me would not suffice to calm the storm on my face. So when we went to SM Supermarket to treat my mom to a month-worth of groceries, I also scavenged for a facial cleanser and here’s what sparked my interest to try: 

Monday, September 19, 2016

ANNIE THE BROADWAY MUSICAL: My First Musical Broadway Experience Courtesy of TheWickeRmoss

Wait! This is not a review of the Broadway Musical, ANNIE. If you’re browsing the Internet right now, looking for an in-depth review of ANNIE, sorry, you’ve clicked on the wrong page. But since you’re already here, let me help you out. This is where you need to go -->> ANNIE THE BROADWAYMUSICAL: NOW PLAYING AT MASTERCARD THEATRES MARINA BAY SANDS SINGAPORE [REVIEW& MEDIA CALL SNIPPETS] You’re welcome.

I’m pretty sure, I haven’t told you yet but when I was eleven, I got to be a part of a Musical. Really, huh? Hey! Before you raise your eyebrows on me, hear me out first, okay? Of course it’s not the Musical you’re thinking but it was a concert where there were lots of singing, throwing of scripts/lines, switching off and on of the lights to alter the stage settings and changing of costumes. Yes, the props, costumes, cast, etc. weren’t as grand as that of a Musical Broadway but hey, it’s one of the best childhood memories that I’d never ever forget. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

[PRODUCT REVIEW] BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick (Creme Brulee) First Impression Demo & Review

I don’t know if I have mentioned this fact clearly here on my blog but I have very dry and chappy lips. That is the reason why I own a lot of lip balms and lip moisturizers because I need them badly and I abuse them like crazy. That said, I still want to try matte lip products from time to time because I, too, have been enthralled by its appeal. 

Speaking of matte lip products, about 3 weeks ago, I uploaded on my YouTube channel my FirstImpression Demo & Review of BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick in Crème Brulee and I thought I’d share my thoughts about it here on my blog as well, since my video is in my mother language (Filipino/Tagalog). I’m sorry about that. I’ll add the English subtitles soon.

By the way, I bought these liquid lipsticks from SM Department Store SM Batangas when my hubby and I went back to the Philippines two months ago. I got it for 399.00PHP.

Monday, September 12, 2016


It was already gloomy since morning here in Singapore and now it’s pouring outside. When the weather is like this, it’s really nice to stay at home, get cozy under the blanket, watch some movie or maybe read a book while sipping on a hot cup of coco! I probably should go and make myself one now, but before I go, I just want to share with you my comeback video on YouTube. 

It’s a Haul video and even though it’s in my mother language, I still thought you might be interested to know the things I got when my hubby and I visited the Philippines two months ago.

Here are the products I showed and mentioned in the video:

* LOL Smudgeproof / Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - Php 159.00

* E.L.F. Eyebrow Treat and Tame - Php 259.75
* E.L.F. Blush Brush - Php 269.75
* E.L.F. BB Cream - Php 449.75

Friday, September 9, 2016

[TRAVEL] 3D2N Stay at Nirwana Gardens - Nirwana Resort Hotel (Nirwana Suite) | BINTAN INDONESIA

This is actually NOT a full-on review of the hotel but merely a narrative of how our first-ever stay in Nirwana Resort Hotel went. Also, this blog post was originally written on 22nd September 2011 and posted on my personal blog. I just decided to post it here together with all the other travel and staycation blog posts that I will be publishing in the coming days.  


With no real intentions of writing a review about the place we’ve just been to last week, I’m here to tell you the details of our romantic and fun 3D2N stay at Nirwana Gardens - Nirwana Resort Hotel in Bintan Indonesia.


Let’s just look back a little. My hubby and I both filed a leave from work from 15th -16th  Sep (Thursday-Friday) with the expectation that we’ll have Thurs-Sun to ourselves exclusively. Unfortunately, he was given such a cruel time in his office and so the supposedly 3D2N vacation in Phuket Thailand that we looked forward to for so long vanished in an instant just like that. But since we didn’t want to waste our leave from work, my hubby, (the planner-freak that he is), still looked for ways how we can unwind and be out of reach for at least a day and half (even if the promo says 2D1N - y'all know what I mean, right?). I haven’t told you yet but last time when we went to Bintan, we told ourselves that we will come back to explore the place more and so yeah we did! Hubby booked for a 2D1N stay in a… wait for it… HOTEL SUITE! Yeah. It’s our first time to book a suite. Ain’t that sweet?

Monday, September 5, 2016

[HAUL] E.L.F. and MILANI Cosmetics

Hi lovelies! How are you and your day so far? If you ask me, well, as of typing this, my tongue is burning because I didn’t realize my coffee is still oh-so-hot when I took a big sip. Argh! But that aside, I have a quick haul for you today.

Do you still remember Chona? My kikay friend who I was with at the MUFE Workshop and the FIDE Fashion Week? Well, she’s no longer here in Singapore. Sad because I no longer have someone who I can easily drag to events anytime haha, but I’m happy for her because she’s just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and she’s now happily living in the US with her family.

Why did I mention her? Well, a month ago, one of our common friends went to the US and I guess met up with her and a few weeks after that, I have these makeup goodies from her. This is not the first time she’s given me makeup products from the US, but this is just very thoughtful of her. It’s been over a year since she left for the US but she never fails to remember. She’s a keeper.

Now, let’s see what she got me here. She got me two lip balm tints, 1 single eyeshadow and 1 concealer. She even apologized that these are all she’s able to get for me. Man! This is already awesome!

The packaging reminds me of MAC Tendertones. I haven’t own one before but since I’ve watched a lot of Elle Fowler’s videos, I kind of got familiar with some of the MAC products.

I’ve tried them both and though I like the colors, I find them a bit too sticky for my liking and a little drying on my lips (it could also be because I was a little dehydrated that day when I first tried them). However, I love its pigmentation. See my video here where I did a swatch of them.

I guess Chona forgot my skintone haha, but you know what? I tried to dab this on my acne scars and then set it with my pressed powder and it kind of did the trick. I don’t know if that’s in any of Chona’s plans, but I’m pretty sure I can make use of this concealer despite how far its shade is from mine. See my video here where I did a swatch of this concealer.

This one I haven’t tried yet but the swatch of it should already give you an idea how pigmented it is. Although I don’t normally wear this color on my eyes, I might use this for a look I’d wear when filming a video or for a Face-Of-The-Day entry here on my blog.

And that’s it for this haul. Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts.


Thursday, August 25, 2016


To know how we got  a free upgrade and received VIP treatment at Fullerton Hotel, read DAY 1 of our 3D2N STAYCATION at FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE. For DAY 2, click here.

DAY 3 at Fullerton Hotel

As it's our last day there, it got harder and harder to leave the place. Whether we admit it or not, it has become so close to our hearts to the point we think it’s our home.

We had our last breakfast and then explored the building as best as we could to take as much photos as we can.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


To know how we got  a free upgrade and received VIP treatment at Fullerton Hotel, read DAY 1 of our 3D2N STAYCATION at FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE.

DAY 2 at Fullerton Hotel

Although we stayed up late the previous night, I still woke and got up early. I didn’t want to waste time in bed when we have a whole building to explore. Of course, we gotta start the day with breakfast. And like other hotels that offer buffet for breakfast, they’re open, if I’m not mistaken, from as early as 6:30AM to 10AM every day. BTW, our second day there was not only a Sunday but also a Happy Father’s Day!

[HOTEL REVIEW] DAY 1 of Our 3D2N STAYCATION at FULLERTON HOTEL SINGAPORE - Heritage Room | (How to Get a Free Upgrade, VIP Treatment and more!)

This is one of my very long overdue posts but one that I definitely have to publish because I would be doing our 5th Wedding Anniversary an injustice if I don't.

Yep! We recently celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniv and we stayed at Fullerton Hotel as a treat for ourselves. We normally would book a flight somewhere outside of Singapore for occasions like this but this year, we agreed to have a STAYCATION instead and experience Singapore in a whole new level.

So, where to begin? Ah! How about I take you back to our booking venture to see how we got a free upgrade, received VIP treatment and experienced all the other perks and discounts? Sounds good?

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

We got it all through VISA Luxury Hotel Collection. If you haven’t heard of this, now’s the time to check it out! It’s easy but first you have to know if you’re eligible. To know your eligibility, please see the information here: http://www.visaluxuryhotelcollection.com/eligibility

If you’re an eligible VISA premium card holder, you can proceed to create your account on their website: http://www.visaluxuryhotelcollection.com/benefits. Once you have your account created and verified, you can start choosing from over 900 luxury hotels around the world where you want to go and experience 7 premium benefits! It’s that simple!

Simply log in to the website, select a hotel and book it through the VISA Luxury Hotel Collection website and you are sure to get the following:

       Best available rate guarantee
       Automatic room upgrade upon arrival, when available
       Complimentary in-room Wi-Fi, when available
       Complimentary continental breakfast
       $25 USD food or beverage credit
       VIP Guest status
       3PM check-out upon request, when available

So, did we get all of the abovementioned benefits? DEFINITELY! To know more about our experience in Fullerton Hotel, keep reading!

DAY 1 at Fullerton Hotel

Friday, August 19, 2016

A Date with WickerMoss Means a Facial and Hand Massage at Chanel, a Lavish Lunch at Noodle Rice Reataurant and an Endless Chat Over Aromatic Lattes and Mouthwatering Toast at Dazzling Café

After more than two years of NO face-to-face moments, I was finally re-united with this lovely heaven sent human being last Wednesday (17th Aug). 

So what did we do? Where did we go? For starters, she treated me to an hour and a half of facial and hand massage at the Chanel stall in Paragon building. What a posh way to meet and catch up, right?!

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to snap some pics where I had the flash facial done. I guess it's because of their new product which she used on mah face. It's a pre-serum which doesn't necessarily have to be used everyday. Only on days where the face badly needs some instant lift and radiance. 

As with other facials, the first thing she did was removed my makeup. To rinse the makeup removing product (I'm not sure if that was oil or cream as I had my eyes shut. All I knew was that it was cold!), she used a hot towel. Not only did it thoroughly rinsed mah face, it also sort of opened up my pores. Next thing she did was applied toner followed by an eye cream and a eye massage. That's the first time my eye area was massaged like that and though it felt weird in the beginning, it grew on me and I ended up liking it. Next was a lip cream application followed by a massage focussed on the mouth area. She then applied a pre-serum and massaged mah whole face and man was that good! That's the kind of facial I enjoy. It relaxed me. After the massage, she slathered another pre-serum and this one was their new product. Another round of that wonderful massage but this time with their sort of rolling thingymajigs and then the actual serum was applied followed by moisturizer and sunblock. That flash facial was heavenly!
It didn't end there! Outside the facial curtain, a hand massage was waiting for me. She used three products on me but I can't remember them because my fairygodmother was busy distracting me, LOL. All I can remember now was how soft, supple and fragrant my hands and arms felt and smelled yesterday. 

And because my makeup was removed during the facial, the fairygodmother requested the lovely staff of Chanel to paint some colors  back on mah face. That made me feel sooo special! Thanks to Chanel for their stellar customer service.

Our day had just started (insert devil-ish laugh here). We roamed around searching for the right place to have our lunch. She brought me to Noodle Rice Restaurant, a food venue I probably would have never dared to go to on my own as I am not the adventurous type when it comes to where to eat. I ordered based on her recommendations as I was scared to try something I might not enjoy. We had rice and  pork ribs partnered with iced lemon tea for me and bottomless hot tea for her.

We chatted for I dunno how long. That's the problem when you don't always see your friends. Our stories to tell were, well, worth 2plus years hahaha. 

And it's as if we didn't eat, because we still looked for a different place to have our dessert. She brought me to this magical place where everything is... well, dazzling! 

We stayed there and talked for hours. It was 7:30ish when we decided to leave the cafe. 

I even convinced her to ride the MRT with me for just one station haha. We're almost inseparable. Good thing there's always a next time! I'm already looking forward to our next date.